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Wisskers On Bridge





Wisskers On Bridge 





Mike Dorn Wiss (“Wisskers” on BBO – BridgeBase Online) is a Canadian bridge expert, teacher, professional player and writer. He has published numerous bridge articles in the ACBL Bulletin, the Ontario Kibitzer, and Bridge Canada Magazine, and has written the entertaining and highly acclaimed bridge book “Shadow in the Bridge World” and the humourous book of bridge tips “How NOT to Play Bridge”.

Mike has taught private and group bridge lessons in his own club, at many country clubs, and online. He is also the bridge mentor and first serious partner of BBO creator Fred Gitelman. 


Fred says: “When I started playing bridge as a teenager Mike Dorn Wiss was my original mentor and later my first serious partner. Mike is an excellent and highly-experienced bridge teacher. He also happens to be a lot of fun. I am happy to recommend Mike to anyone looking to improve their knowledge, skills, and enjoyment of the game.”
 Rhoda Walsh, co-developer of the 2/1 system, says: “I got to know Mike when I read his first bridge book “Shadow in the Bridge World”, which was so enchanting I actually wrote him a fan letter, and first got to meet him at a national tournament in Vancouver. When I retired from teaching bridge classes at country clubs in the California desert I asked Mike to replace me. He did a great job and all my students let me know how happy they were with him.”


Free Trial Session

Hi, and thanks for your interest in my W_O_B (Wisskers On Bridge) sessions!

I am happy to encourage you to attend a single two-hour trial session at no cost. If you enjoy what I do and how I do it you may then purchase blocks of five sessions for only $25 US funds per block. 

BabsG, my Table Manager, will allow you one-time access to the W_O_B table for any session you like.


Current Days and Times:

Tuesdays at 7pm Eastern (4pm Pacific) and Thursdays and Sundays at 9pm Eastern (6pm Pacific).  Additional sessions and times may be added in the near future.

Duration:      Two hours.


Anything and everything. Tuesdays are dedicated sessions for specific topics like the importance of partnership understandings and methods of improvement, the understanding of basics and how to avoid the most common mistakes, ways to handles strong hands, and also a few conventions and treatments  – Doubles, New Minor Forcing, 2over1, Forcing NoTrumps, Leads, etc. I will introduce preprogrammed hands to illustrate each specific topic. On Tuesday August 1st we will feature Forcing NoTrump responses to major suit openings.

Thursdays will offer “Play & Discuss” sessions, where random hands will be dealt and students will bid, play, and defend, after which I will analyse and discuss each hand and answer any.  questions students may have. These sessions invariably introduce many aspects of the game to which newer players are seldom exposed. Sundays will offer hands on a dedicated subject, but will include play and discussion of each. On Sunday, August 6th, we will feature strong 2♣ Openers, Bidding with Play and Discussion.

Basically I want to give all students access to my “bridge mind” to help them understand anything that may interest them in order to improve their games, whether their questions are basic or advanced (and beyond).

Time permitting, at the end of each session I will also encourage a Q&A period where students may address any bridge-oriented subject they wish, relevant to the topic of the day or otherwise. Furthermore, “WOBlers” (the pet name my table manager BabsG has coined for my students in these sessions) will be able to email me anytime with problems or questions which I will be pleased to answer.

My goal is to try to direct students’ thinking in manners that help them to solve any bridge problem they may incur, and thereby to make them better players. The more to which one is exposed the more one is able grasp the game in an overall sense, and the greater becomes one’s ability to apply their problem solving to new situations. It does not make sense to me to expose (for example) an intermediate player only to intermediate subjects. Even if such a player has difficulty understanding more advanced subjects I believe it is helpful for players wishing to improve their game both to be aware and to begin a familiarity with them; eventually they will come to an understanding and their “bridge thinking” will climb to higher plateaus.



You may attend as many or as few sessions as you like on whatever dates are best suited to your personal needs. You may purchase sessions in blocks of five. Each session will be approximately two hours duration, so each “lesson block” will allow ten hours at the table, perhaps the greatest bargain for top level teaching on BBO.

Relatively speaking (versus other lessons available by professional teachers of the game) my sessions will cost but a small fraction ($2.50/hour). You may address any subject or question you like either at the table or in a private email to me, either of which I will be happy to answer.

Bonus: Introduce a friend to W_O_B who purchases a block of sessions and receive one additional session free for yourself.


Become a “WOBler”!

Blocks of sessions are but $25 US, prepaid into either of my PayPal accounts, accessed through my personal email of mikedornwiss@gmail.com. OR wisskersonbridge@gmail.com . You may purchase as few or as many blocks as you wish.


BabsG” on BBO is my Table Manager. She will invite you into the “WisskersOnBridge” (W_O_B) table in the Main Bridge Club on BBO and will “deduct” one session from your block each time you attend, whenever that may be. When you have one session remaining she will remind you so that you may purchase another block if you wish.


Thanks again for your interest in “W_O_B”. I’ll look forward to seeing you at the table!

Until anon,















Author: Mike Dorn Wiss

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