Mike Dorn Wiss

Better to blaze your own trail
Than to follow another's, unwinding
For in the slippery path of life
The search is greater than the finding

The (Very) Hideous Hog

(Originally published on Bridgewinners – www.bridgewinners.com.)   Rather than dilute the fine thread on the Caplan win vs. Struhl in the Spinny with tales of the departed and ignominious “Hideous Hog”, aka Ron Andersen, the admittedly excellent player and entertaining vugraph analyst, I thought to start a thread on the Hog for those who have tales of getting the upper hand on him, since he was also one of the...

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To Preempt or Not to Preempt

  You’re playing a Pairs game with an expert partner against two expert opponents, and both sides are vulnerable as you, in first seat, pick up a “gang-sploid” – KT9765432voidA753void. You have a choice to make, and it is one of three: Do you open preemptively, at whatever level you deem to be high enough; do you Pass, waiting to get auction information before stepping in later, or do you open 1? I have my...

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The Incredible 7 &#@*!$% Heart Hand

    This is the tale of an at-home game where the participants were perhaps a bit – well, okay…more than a bit – under the influence of the grape or the grass. Or maybe it was both. Who remembers? The condition of contest in these games was that all hands either passed out or of undoubled partscores were to be “ghoulied”, or redealt, suited, in the manner of a goulash – no shuffle, merely...

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Driven By Miss Daisy

    Once a week I have the pleasure of partnering “Miss Daisy” at the local bridge club. Miss Daisy is a charming septuagenarian whose salad days – even more than my own – are on the far end of the dusty trail of life. These days she has more “senior moments” than in the past, but many of them have a magical way of falling in her favor. Recently she achieved three stunning successes in a single...

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BBO Star Hiccups

    This is the tale of a hand played by four BBO (BridgeBase Online) “star” players. Their names have necessarily been omitted because all four committed errors, and all (in my opinion) egregious ones. The hand however is valuable simply because of the lessons it demonstrates – lessons in How Not To Play Bridge.   Both VulIMPsDealer: WestLead: 10 North K85 KQ9 754 KJ87 West...

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